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Aluminized Furnace Hoods


* All furnace hoods come complete with adjustable head gear stainless steel screen and lenses.

* Sewn with Nomex® and or Kevlar® thread.

* All stress areas are reinforced and bartacked for extra strength and durability.

* Each hood is manufactured so that each peace can be replaced economically.

* Protect against high heat, debris and molten splash.

* Protects the head, neck, shoulders and chest area.

* Air vents at the sides of the hood allow for ventilation.

* Purchase an overcover to fit onto the furnace hood this will increase the protection and life span of the product.  

This overcover snaps onto the front portion of the hoods.  

It is manufactured out of high heat materials.  

You have the option of having it lined or unlined.  

A great buy!!!


* Provides more protection than a full hood.

* Please contact us about further information on our new Blaster Hood.


* Completely protects the front and back portion of the head.

* Inside screen is replaceable.


* Protects the front portion of the head, leaving the back portion of the head exposed.

* Inside screen is sewn in.

Full Hood

Half Hood

Blaster Hood