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Aluminized Products

    Aluminized products vary depending on use and heat applications.  We carry a wide variety of aluminized products that are designed to suit your needs.  

Everything from:

* Coveralls

* Ankle spats

* Aprons

* Jackets

* Coats

* Hoods

* Hand protection

* And many more.

All of our aluminized products are standard or can be custom made.

Please remember that there are three kinds of heat.

* AMBIENT HEAT is the surrounding atmospheric temperature in a given situation.

- Examples: 65º - 70ºF in an office, 2000ºF in a fire walk

* CONDUCTIVE HEAT is generated by direct contact with a hot surface.

- Examples: picking up a burner block at 600ºF, leaning against a furnace wall at 1000ºF

* RADIANT HEAT is generated by the sun or a source of fire, such as a fireplace or furnace, and is absorbed by masses of material struck by the heat's rays. (This is why it is cooler in the shade on a hot day)

“ Extreme locations call for extreme protection, that’s why I chose International Sew-Right to help keep me safe.”

George Kourounis