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Aluminized Rayon®
PFR® Rayon Herringbone

*      Aluminized Rayon® is one of the most economical aluminized fabrics used in making heat resistant aluminized apparel.  It is light and flexible, provides capabilities of radiant heat reflection on the same level as other materials, but lacks in abrasion and contact temperature resistance.  Due to its small thickness, it quickly conducts temperature upon contact (compared to the heavier para-aramid blend material, for example).  Yet, this material is a great choice for applications that need radiant heat protection but do not require handling abrasive or very hot objects.


* Expansion joint sleeves, tadpole covers, thermal blankets, Moderate temperature clothing, welder’s clothing, tarps and moderate heat blankets.

Test Method
 Flame Resistance
  After Flame (max.)
ASTM D6413
2.0 seconds
2.0 seconds
Char Length (max.)
ASTM D6413
3.0 inches
7.6 cm.
Radiant Reflectivity (min.)
25 seconds
25 seconds