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ARC Flash Suppression Blankets

OB-ASTM F2676: The goal of the OB-ASTM F2676 standard is to evaluate the performance of an arc protective blanket incorporating into the results both pressure and time, giving the user real information to determine which blanket is most suitable for their task; arc protective blanket break open threshold performance (BTP). All arc suppression blankets sold must withstand 10 cycles of protection without break open at three different arc current levels. Oberon's design philosophy for our arc suppression blankets was to create the lightest weight blanket possible, fully understanding that worker's use the blankets in some very hard to reach spaces. The BTP rating is equal to Amperage X Time. Each Amperage Classification relates to a minimum BTP requirement; 15kA = 150 kA Cycles, 25kA = 250 kA Cycles, 40kA = 400 kA Cycles. Within each arc current level the failure point is recorded as the BTP, the highest of these levels tested is assigned as Maximum Arc Current Imax of Arc Protective Blanket. Oberon completed extensive testing to determine the best possible attachment materials and construction.

 ~All Arc Suppression blankets are sold complete with attachments as per our OB-ASTM F2676 testing parameters including metal grommets, Kevlar® rope and a storage bag. Custom Arc Suppression Blanket sizing is available; maximum dimension of 60" in one direction.