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ArcWear Sentinel 4500 Series

Sentinel™ excels in joining comfort with durability and protection. While keeping workers safe from electric arcs and flash fires, the durable Sentinel™ material extends the usable life and level of comfort well beyond other raingear.

Recommended Applications

• Electric & Gas Utilities

• Electrical Maintenance

• Electrical Switching

• Meter Service

• Storm Restoration

Features & Benefits

• Arc and Flame Resistance – minimizes burn injury from an electric arc flash

• Flash Fire Resistance – minimizes burn injury from a hydrocarbon flash fire

• Steam and Hot Water Protection – reduces risk of burn injury from steam and hot water

• Chemical Splash Resistance - minimizes burn injury from splash exposure of certain chemicals

• Waterproof – protects workers from the elements

• Soft, Flexible – maximizes worker movement and comfort