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“Protecting you where you need it most“ ™

Individuals working in industrial environments today know that there’s no room for error.

One mistake and the consequences can be catastrophic within seconds. In environments where the threats of fire, metal splash and arc flash are ever-present, professionals need fire resistant clothing and gear that’s able to withstand the worst case scenarios with unquestionable reliability and the highest level of protection. CarbonX non-flammable fabrics offer the highest level of persistence against fire, metal splash and arc flash. Whether you are out in the oil field or in a factory, CarbonX is the best protective solution for the worst day.

CarbonX® flame-resistant clothes and fabrics deliver the ultimate level of protection, significantly outperforming competitors. In field tests conducted over the course of several years and across multiple applications, our flame-retardant fabrics have consistently proven their ability to withstand heat and direct flame for up to 20 times longer than competitive products.

Constructed using advanced patented technology, our flame-resistant clothes are made of a proprietary fiber blend that provides an extraordinary level of protection against direct flame, extreme heat, molten metal, hot/flammable liquids, and arc flash hazards. Inherently flame resistant, our products will not burn, melt, or ignite. Even after intense exposure, they maintain their strength and integrity and continue to protect.

The CarbonX line of flame-retardant clothes combines comfort with an extreme level of thermal protection. Our apparel is lightweight, flexible, and odor resistant. It also breathes well, wicks away moisture, and dries quickly, enhancing the wearer's comfort and productivity. Its thermal protective properties will not wash out or wear away.

Every day, professionals and enthusiasts who work and play in some of the world's most hazardous environments—including the industrial, fire, motorsports, and tactical industries—rely on CarbonX flame-resistant clothes to provide them with the protection they deserve.

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