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    Kevlar® brand fiber is an innovative technology from DuPont™ that combines high strength with light weight to help dramatically improve the performance of a variety of consumer and industrial products.  Ground breaking research by DuPont™ scientists in the field of liquid crystalline polymer solutions in 1965 formed the basis for the commercial preparation of the Kevlar® aramid fiber. Lightweight and flexible, Kevlar® has evolved over four decades of innovation to do everything from helping save thousands of lives around the world to helping make safer homes and vehicles to helping land spacecraft on Mars.  If it needs to be light, strong, or safe, it needs to be Kevlar®.

    The worldwide recognition Kevlar® brand fiber has earned as a high-performance material for helping to protect human life extends far beyond the body armour used by the military and law enforcement community.  A unique combination of properties makes Kevlar® the first choice for an ever-growing number of applications where a reduction of weight, increase in strength and resistance to corrosion produce significant improvements in safety and efficiency.  Today, Kevlar® is used in everything from airplane parts to reinforced suspension bridge structures to suspension bridge cables to fiber optic cables, not to mention a variety of consumer goods.  Chances are you either use Kevlar® or come into contact with it on a regular basis.

    As the chart below demonstrates, ASTM F1790-04 tests reveal that gloves made with DuPont™ Kevlar® brand fiber can provide more than 2.5 times the cut resistance of leather and cotton. Delivering comfort, long wear life, easy maintenance and launder ability, while helping to save you the cost of injuries, Kevlar® helps protect workers and makes good business sense too.



* Body Armour                          

* Multiple Threat Protection

* Protective Vest                      

* Automotive

* Military Helmets

* Ropes & Cables

* Heat Resistant Gloves           

* Fiber Optics

* Vehicle Armour                

* Industrial Apparel

......And many more.